The Elevator Pitch: 60 seconds with Sonia Malta, Sales Area Manager, Indastria srl

Indastria was born in 2013 from the ashes of an older company named Primafase. It specialises in the manufacture of bespoke metal shafts. Inheriting the know-how from the previous company, it now offers a huge selection of standard options and custom-made options.

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Bullet Lifts at LIFTEX

The Elevator Pitch: 60 seconds with Pete D Larkin Jnr, Technical Director at Bullet Lift Services Ltd

Pete Larkin Senior established Bullet Lift Services Limited (BLS) in 2001 after 30 years excelling in the lift engineering industry. He used his technical knowledge and expertise along with his years of experience to create a family run business focussed on delivering bespoke engineering services with the client at the centre.  

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Liftex Show Floor

How to get the most from your visit to LIFTEX 2019

With over 100 exhibitors on display, a visit to LIFTEX can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you meet first? How do you maximise your time; and how do you fit in those free educational sessions? Event Director Oliver Greening offers his top 10 tips: Pre-register and benefit from free entry. Subscribe…

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The Elevator Pitch: 60 seconds with Richard Hughes, Sales & Marketing Director, Digital Advanced Control

Digital Advanced Control will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2019 and is proud to have a full manufacturing base in the UK. It specialises in manufacturing lift control systems and offers a full range of ancillary products to compliment these. 

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75% of exhibition space at LIFTEX 2019 already booked

The last event, held in 2016, smashed
 all records with a 20% increase in exhibitors and a 15% increase in visitors. On the back of this huge success, demand for space at in 2019 is higher than ever with 75% of exhibition space already taken. Many previous exhibitors are returning with a much larger…

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European lift industry votes unanimously for UK to host 2019 annual gathering

The European Lift Association (ELA), announced that its General Assembly and Annual Conference will be held in London, UK, 13-14 May 2019. The event, which attracts over 100 senior industry representatives, is the forum where the European industry gathers to discuss common challenges and to celebrate its achievements. The 2019 event will be co-organised…

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Japan has launched a miniature space elevator

If successful, it could pave the way from science fiction to reality. As vast as space is, ironically the hardest part of the journey is the first 100 km or so, as we break free of the grasp of the Earth. For over a century people have floated the idea of a space elevator…

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